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Given our expertise in tourism management services, we operate multiple Estates throughout Victoria, each under the supervision of a dedicated Site Manager responsible for the day-to-day activities. These include managing local staffing, facilitating bookings, ensuring guest satisfaction, and coordinating maintenance and cleaning services. Site Managers directly report to our Head Office, which oversees the operational aspects of all Estates.

How we work

At Holiday Lifestyle, essential functions such as sales, marketing, technology, and finance are centrally managed from our head office in Melbourne. Our central finance team handles all accounts, including the establishment of accommodation tariffs tailored to each Estate. We specialize in identifying proficient Managers and implementing modern booking systems to replace outdated reservation methods, drawing upon our extensive experience in the field.

Utilizing cloud-based technologies across our Estates enables seamless communication not only between Head Office and each Estate but also facilitates direct interactions among the Estates themselves. This integrated approach ensures efficient operations and enhances the overall guest experience across all our locations.

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