Joint Venture

Partner with Holiday Lifestyle

A Joint Venture (JV) in the context of Holiday Lifestyle’s offerings refers to a strategic partnership between landowners and Holiday Lifestyle, wherein both parties collaborate to develop land situated in green wedge zones, farm zones, or rural residential zones.

These JV opportunities are particularly attractive in coastal and tourist locations with a robust demand for accommodation, as they can also capitalize on various government incentives aimed at promoting tourism. Holiday Lifestyle currently operates in several desirable locations, including the Bellarine Peninsula, Mornington Peninsula, Glenelg Shire, Bass Coast Shire, and Wyndham Cove.

Landowners with properties either requiring permits or already possessing them are encouraged to reach out to Holiday Lifestyle for a confidential and no-obligation discussion regarding potential Joint Venture arrangements.


A Joint Venture with Holiday Lifestyle offers landowners an excellent opportunity to leverage their land assets for mutual benefit.

By partnering with Holiday Lifestyle in these sought-after locations, landowners can tap into Holiday Lifestyle’s expertise and resources in property development, while also taking advantage of government incentives to enhance the tourism potential of their land.

This collaborative approach allows for the efficient and profitable development of land in environmentally sensitive areas, providing a win-win scenario for both landowners and Holiday Lifestyle.

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